Intrusion Prevention



This indicates an attempted exploit of a buffer-overflow vulnerability in various Computer Associates products.
These can be exploited by remote users to execute arbitrary code on an affected machine or to trigger denial-of-service conditions. This is due to the application's failure to properly handle an overly long parameter passed to the log_security() function (on port 4105/tcp), which could be exploited by remote attackers to execute arbitrary commands and compromise a vulnerable system.

Affected Products

CA Unicenter TNG 2.x
Application Performance Monitor 3.x
Asset Management 3.x
Data Transport Option 2.x
Enterprise Job Manager 1.x
Jasmine 3.x
Management 3.x
Management 4.x
Management 5.x
NSM 3.x
Remote Control 6.x
Service Level Management 3.x
Software Delivery 3.x
Software Delivery 4.x


Compromise of the affected system.

Recommended Actions

Upgrades are available from the vendor.

CVE References