Intrusion Prevention



It indicates detection of data traffic from the MyNapster application. MyNapster is a popular peer-to-peer (P2P) file-sharing program. The explosion of P2P programs in the workplace presents new security challenges to corporate networks since the P2P network may be used to facilitate various network-based attacks.

Affected Products

Any network has P2P programs is vulnerable to the attacks.


Possible adverse effects of P2P applications include:

Company secrets can be divulged.

They provide entry points to the network for intrusions, data theft, DoS attacks, viruses, and worms.

They may have significant impacts on bandwidth usages.

Recommended Actions

Enforce security policies.

Block ports commonly used by P2P programs.

Block the URLs of sites that distribute P2P programs.

Lock down user access privileges to prevent them from installing unauthorized programs such as P2P software.