Intrusion Prevention



This indicates an attempt to exploit a buffer-overflow vulnerability in Hummingbird Connectivity LPD printer daemon.
The vulnerability is a stack-based buffer overflow that is a result of the software's failure to do proper bounds checking on user supplied data. This may allow a remote attacker to cause a denial of service and possibly execute arbitrary code on a vulnerable system.

Affected Products

Hummingbird Connectivity 10.0
Hummingbird Connectivity 9.0
Hummingbird Connectivity 7.1
SAP GUI SAPlpd 6.28 and earlier.


System compromise: execution of arbitrary code in the context of the affected applications.

Recommended Actions

The vendors have released patches that address this issue. Please see the referenced advisory for further information.
For Hummingbird Connectivity 10.0
* Hummingbird
For Hummingbird Connectivity 9.0
* Hummingbird
Update at least to
-patch level 6 for version 7
-patch level 30 for version 6.40
-patch level 72 for version 6.20

CVE References

CVE-2008-0621 CVE-2005-1815