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The FortiGuard Intrusion Prevention Service provides the latest defenses against stealthy network-level threats. It uses a customizable database of more than 11000 known threats to enable FortiGate and FortiWiFi appliances to stop attacks that evade conventional firewall defenses.
Fortinet consistently receives superior effectiveness results in industry testing with AV Comparatives and Virus Bulletin. AV Comparatives awarded Fortinet its highest award, the Advanced+ rating for file detection and real-world protection. The 2015 VB100 Reactive and Proactive Test ranked Fortinet the security industry’s second highest business AV solution for security effectiveness.
FortiGate next gen firewalls with FortiOS and centralized management solutions offer extensive visibility into application usage in real time, as well as trends over time through views, visualizations, and reports. You can use application control to keep malicious, risky, and unwanted applications out of your network through control points at the perimeter, in the data center, and internally between network segments.
The FortiGuard IP Reputation Service aggregates malicious source IP data from the Fortinet distributed network of threat sensors, CERTs, MITRE, cooperative competitors, and other global sources that collaborate to provide up-to-date threat intelligence about hostile sources. Near real-time intelligence from distributed network gateways combined with world-class research from FortiGuard Labs helps organizations stay safer and proactively block attacks.
FortiGuard Web Filtering is the highest rated VBWeb certified web filtering service in the industry for security effectiveness by Virus Bulletin. It blocked 97.8% of direct malware downloads and stopped 98.6% of malware served through all tested methods in Virus Bulletin’s 2017 VBWeb security testing. According to Virus Bulletin, Fortinet is the only vendor in the 2017 VBWeb tests confident enough in our security solution to share results in a public test.
FortiGuard Antispam provides a comprehensive and multi-layered approach to detect and filter spam processed by organizations. Dual-pass detection technology can dramatically reduce spam volume at the perimeter, giving you unmatched control of email attacks and infections. Additionally, FortiClient endpoint agents can block spam messages on remote computers and mobile devices.
FortiGuard Web Application Security uses information based on the latest application vulnerabilities, bots, suspicious URL patterns and data-type patterns, and specialized heuristic detection engines, to ensure your web applications remain safe from application-layer threats. Protect your critical data and applications against sophisticated threats such as SQL injection, cross-site scripting, buffer overflows, file inclusions and more, by staying up to date using the FortiGuard Web Application Security service.
Malware have evolved to slip past traditional security controls by pairing with an exploit. This insidious behavior relies on vulnerabilities of legitimate software thus can operate freely and undetected. Fortinet provides a systematic and automated method of patching applications on an endpoint, eliminating manual processes while reducing the attack surface within an organization and helping meet regulatory compliance.
Fortiguard Labs collects indicators of compromise (IOCs) by a variety of methods. Following are some examples:
  • Machine Learning - ML techniques are used to capture IOCs (indicators of compromise) such as malicious IP addresses, domains and urls.
  • Global Sensors - millons of sensors deployed around the globe consisting of participating customer devices, honeypots and deception decoys pick up early signals of compromise in the global cyber space.
  • Web Crawlers - Fortinet propriety web crawlers armed with Artificial Intelligence crawl the Internet looking for malicious sites.
  • Threat Exchange - Fortinet has 200+ threat sharing agreements with Governments, Certs and Strategic vendors around the globe.
  • Hacker Sites/Forums - Troll the underground/darknet to uncover zero-day threat events.
  • Community Submissions - Participating customers submit new threats to Fortinet for analysis. The submission is either manual or through Fortinet Cloud Sandbox technology. On a daily bases, FortiGuard lab executes 500,000+ malware samples to extract IOCs.
  • Human Analysis - 200+ security analysts in the FortiGuard labs tirelessly search and hunt for threats around the globe
The FortiGuard labs collect the IOC indicators and combine them into a package on a daily basis for delivery to Fortinet products via the FDN (Fortiguard distribution network).

For example the FortiAnalyzer product can use the IOC package to alert on suspicous or infected hosts in the network.
Stay on track of your Security Roadmap and Target Security Maturity level with measurable and meaningful feedback in the form of actionable Configuration Recommendations, and Key Performance/Risk Indicators. Build Senior Management Confidence by demonstrating effective business asset protection and compliance with regulatory requirements. Security Rating is now a subscription service that FortiGuard offers when you purchase a Security Rating license.

This service allows you to:
  • Dynamically receive updates from FortiGuard.
  • Run Security Rating checks for each licensed device in a Security Fabric.
  • Run Security Rating checks in the background or on demand.
  • Submit rating scores to FortiGuard and compare how you rank against peers in the same region, industry and/or company size.
For more information, see our Security Best Practices.

Anti-Reconnaissance and Anti-Exploit Service (ARAE) service are available on FortiDeceptor responsible for tracking hackers' activities on Decoys and alert in real time. Similar to how FortiSandbox traces malware behaviour activities, ARAE will record outside and insiders' malicious activities, such as on files extracted, intrusions activities, malware planted, web sites visited, achieving the goal of Deceive, Expose and Eliminate.

Version 1.008, Updated: 2 months ago


Number of intrusion prevention rules
FortiGuard hubs are globally situated to provide fast real time updates and signature data for any network.


Number of new and updated anti-virus definitions every week
FortiGuard hubs are globally situated to provide fast real time updates and signature data for any network.


Application Control Rules in FortiGuard’s database
FortiGuard hubs are globally situated to provide fast real time updates and signature data for any network.


Number of botnet command and control attempts blocked every minute of every day by FortiGuard Labs
FortiGuard hubs are globally situated to provide fast real time updates and signature data for any network.


malicious/phishing/spam URLs blocked by FortiGuard labs, through approximately 247
million categorized URLs
FortiGuard hubs are globally situated to provide fast real time updates and signature data for any network.

80 Million

New and updated anti-spam signatures every week
FortiGuard hubs are globally situated to provide fast real time updates and signature data for any network.


Block rate achieved by the FortiWeb Web App Firewall in a 2017 NSS Labs test
FortiGuard hubs are globally situated to provide fast real time updates and signature data for any network.


Organisations recorded an exploit for a CVE 10 years old*

*Fortinet Threat Landscape Report Q4 2016
FortiGuard hubs are globally situated to provide fast real time updates and signature data for any network.


Submitted samples are processed daily to extract IOCs
FortiGuard hubs are globally situated to provide fast real time updates and signature data for any network.
Version 15.883
Updated: 2 days ago
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  • 15.883           2 days ago
  • 15.882           3 days ago
  • 15.881           4 days ago
  • 15.880           5 days ago
  • 15.879           6 days ago
871 Zero-day vulnerabilities discovered to date.
Low latency and high capacity ensure speed and security for applications
Version 78.814
Updated: 1 day ago
  • 78.814           1 day ago
  • 78.813           1 day ago
  • 78.812           1 day ago
  • 78.811           1 day ago
  • 78.810           1 day ago
Protects against latest malware variants with proactive technologies to block new threats

Keeps your protection up-to-date with hourly updates
Version 15.882
Updated: 3 days ago
  • 15.882           3 days ago
  • 15.877           11 days ago
  • 15.876           12 days ago
  • 15.875           13 days ago
  • 15.866           25 days ago
Applications: 4,337
Categories: 24
Lets you fine-tune your policies based on application type via application categories
Optimizes bandwidth usage on your network by prioritizing or blocking traffic based on application
Blocks large-scale DDoS attacks from known infected sources
Protects against web attacks, phishing activity, web scanning, scraping, and more
Version 23.30001
Updated: 25 minutes ago
  • 23.30001           25 minutes ago
  • 23.30000           30 minutes ago
  • 23.29999           35 minutes ago
  • 23.29998           40 minutes ago
  • 23.29997           45 minutes ago
Major Web Filter Categories
  • Adult/Mature Content
  • Bandwidth Consuming
  • General Interest - Personal/Business
  • Potentially Liable
  • Security Risk
Prevents malware downloads from malicious or hacked websites
Meets compliance requirements for both CIPA and BECTA
Version: 102.13861
Updated: 30 minutes ago
  • IP Update:
    102.13861           30 minutes ago
  • URI Update:
    93.49636           27 minutes ago
  • Checksum Update:
    80.03465           29 minutes ago
Reduces volume of spam at your perimeter with dual- pass detection technology.
Push and pull options give you the fastest possible security updates
Version 0.00269
Updated: 13 days ago
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  • 0.00269           13 days ago
  • 0.00268           28 days ago
  • 0.00267           1 month ago
  • 0.00266           1 month ago
  • 0.00265           2 months ago
Gives you the highest level of protection with multiple, correlated threat detection methods.
Stops the latest application threats with real-time updates
Version 1.215
Updated: 18 days ago
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  • 1.215           18 days ago
  • 1.214           1 month ago
  • 1.213           1 month ago
  • 1.211           1 month ago
  • 1.210           2 months ago

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