PSIRT Advisories

The FortiGuard Labs Product Security Incident Response Team (PSIRT) continually test Fortinet hardware and software products, looking for vulnerabilities and weaknesses. Any such findings are fed back to Fortinet's development teams and serious issues are described along with protective solutions in the advisories below.

OpenSSL released a security advisory in March 2015 to announce multiple security vulnerabilities.

Mar 24, 2015 Risk IR Number: FG-IR-15-008
FREAK is an attack on SSL/TLS, which allows "Man in the Middle" attackers to decipher and alter HTTPS connections between a server...

Mar 04, 2015 Risk IR Number: FG-IR-15-007
Prior to build 237, the Windows version of FSSO can be remotely exploited to run arbitrary code over the TCP/8000 port without...

Feb 27, 2015 Risk IR Number: FG-IR-15-006
FortiClient Android and iOS are affected by two vulnerabilities: Android and iOS FortiClient do not check the validity of server...

Feb 25, 2015 Risk IR Number: FG-IR-15-004
The Web User Interface of FortiGate, FortiManager, FortiAnalyzer, FortiMail and FortiADC D models are vulnerable to reflected...

Feb 25, 2015 Risk IR Number: FG-IR-15-005

Feb 05, 2015 Risk IR Number: FG-IR-15-003

Feb 05, 2015 Risk IR Number: FG-IR-15-002

Jan 28, 2015 Risk IR Number: FG-IR-15-001

Dec 18, 2014 Risk IR Number: FG-IR-14-034
Prior to version 5.0.7, the Web User Interface of FortiManager and FortiAnalyzer is vulnerable to multiple reflected Cross-Site...

Oct 30, 2014 Risk IR Number: FG-IR-14-033

Oct 21, 2014 Risk IR Number: FG-IR-14-032

Oct 15, 2014 Risk IR Number: FG-IR-14-031

Sep 25, 2014 Risk IR Number: FG-IR-14-030
A temporary denial of service condition can be created using a specially crafted request sent to the FortiManager protocol service...

Aug 19, 2014 Risk IR Number: FG-IR-14-006
FortiWeb 5.0, 5.1 and 5.2.0 are vulnerable to multiple reflective cross-site scripting issues. Several parameters in the web management...

Jul 10, 2014 Risk IR Number: FG-IR-14-012