Application Control Categories

Descriptions of the categories are designed to assist the reader with category comprehension only; They are not meant to depict any form of symbolic representation of the individuals who create the applications.

Category Description
Botnet Malicious applications that are used for distributing malware, DDoS attacks and other malicious purposes
Business Business related applications such as office suites
Cloud.IT Cloud based applications
Collaboration Applications used for desktop sharing, remote meetings and other connected collaboration
Email Applications for sending/receiving and processing email
Game Game applications
General.Interest General interest tools, applications
Industrial Industrial applications
Mobile Mobile application communications
Network.Service Applications used for network related services and communications
P2P Peer-to-Peer applications used for sharing files
Proxy Proxy and VPN applications
Remote.Access Remote access applications for file transfer or remote control
Social.Media Online social media applications
Storage.Backup Online storage applications for storage of files and photos
Update Communications to update servers for various applications
Video/Audio Video sharing, streaming and broadcasting applications
VoIP Voice over IP applications
Web.Others Web browser and other web crawling tools